Do Gun Control Facts Support A Strong Gun Control Law?

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Gun control pros and cons

Gun control facts are useful in assessing the situation arising out of the present system of uncontrolled gun ownership. Any objective person will be interested in looking at the gun control pros and cons before making up his mind on the controversial issue of gun control. Gun control facts facilitate an dispassionate understanding of the issue without being carried away by rhetorical claims that since the right to own a gun is derived from the 2nd amendment, such a right cannot be taken away by law.

Gun control facts include public information about the effectiveness or otherwise of strong gun control measures implemented in other countries and gun death statistics showing how gun death has a strong correlation with gun ownership. For example, the fact that Australia was able to bring down gun deaths by 60 percent is a strong pointer to the power of legislation in curbing violence. If we read this information along with the data provided by gun control facts that regions that have more privately owned guns have consistently reported a larger number of children being killed, we can understand that gun control will have a positive impact and that failure to control gun ownership can only increase the incidence of gun death.

Unfortunately, gun crime statistics do not seem to move some people. There are groups like the National Rifles Association (NRA) that are bent upon scuttling any move towards even a moderate gun control law. It does not matter to them if 30,000 people in America become the victims of gun violence every year. Nor will these groups be concerned about the yearly loss suffered by the US economy to the tune of $3.70 billion. Undeterred by all these negative effects revealed by gun control facts, the NRA is adamant on its anti gun control stand. Such obstinacy in the face of damning gun control facts makes one justifiably question the claim of NRA to be a political organization and deem it to be rather a grouping of lobbyists.

Looking At Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Gun control pros and cons

With the issue of gun control having become so controversial over the years, it will be useful to look at the gun control pros and cons so that a balanced view can be arrived at. Let us look at some facts including gun crime statistics and analyze them. As can only be expected, all kinds of statistics including gun death statistics are being used to their advantage by people engaged in a gun control debate. We will look at the facts more objectively.

At the outset, it is essential to demolish the specious argument put up by some people that gun ownership will reduce crime. These people base their argument on the reasoning that a gun will act as deterrent on a person intending to commit a crime. What they fail to consider is that in the absence of effective gun control laws, criminals are more likely to possess and use guns than people seeking to defend themselves. This argument is based on a simplistic assumption and there is no evidence to support it.

On the other hand, gun crime statistics reveal a picture that is totally different. There are gun control articles dealing with gun control pros and cons that carry gun death statistics. One such gun control article says that every year, about 30,000 people in the US die from gun wounds. The number includes men, women and children. Another study has come out with the finding that there are more suicides in regions that have more gun ownership.

While considering the gun control pros and cons, we should also look at the situation in other countries. Comparative gun death statistics by way of the percentage of gun deaths for different countries, computed as a ratio of number of gun deaths to the total, shows the US to be worse than South Africa.

A detailed study of gun control pros and cons using gun control facts and statistics will point towards the urgent need for a stronger gun control regime.