What Should A Gun Control Essay Discuss?

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Gun control facts

Writing a gun control essay appears to be the easiest thing in the world. This is the impression one gets by looking at the countless number of gun control articles that appear in the print media. But, in my opinion, a gun control essay should serve a purpose. Gun control is such an important topic that has been gaining nationwide attention. A well written gun control essay will enrich the gun control debate by highlighting the facts that are relevant to the issue of gun control.

The gun control essay should start with the discussion of gun control facts. These facts include gun crime statistics and information relating to gun ownership. Some of the facts and figures that should find a place in the gun control essay are listed below.

1) The most important information that should be included in the essay is about the gun ownership. How many guns are there in the United States and how does this number relate to the population of the country? Studies show that the US has about half of the guns in the world, though the population of the US is just 5 percent of the population of the world. Another item of statistics reveals that for every 100 people in our country, there are 89 guns. The ratio is close to almost one gun per person.

2)The next set of data to be covered by the gun control essay is gun death statistics. The number of people killed by guns every year in the US is estimated to be about 30,000. When this data is read along with the data on gun ownership, a person reading the gun control essay can understand the link between gun ownership and murders.

3) Comparative figures will always depict any situation more effectively. So, the gun control essay can present the number of gun deaths as a ratio of the population for each country. When this ratio is computed for different countries, it is found that the US performs worse than a much less developed country like South Africa. The significance of this is bound to be noticed by people reading the gun control essay.

4) In addition to discussing gun control facts, the gun control essay should also examine the attitude of the gun control opponents by pointing out that the National Rifles Association (NRA), despite its claim to be a political organization, is only a lobbyist group.

Why Gun Crime Statistics Do Not Appeal To Some People?

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Gun control essay

We will expect that people who become aware of gun crime statistics will be concerned about the loss of human lives and will think of doing something by way of making gun control more effective. But there are certain groups who seem to be totally unconcerned by gun death. This attitude looks perplexing. How can anyone be impervious to such gun crime statistics that show that children become the biggest victims of gun ownership? Gun death statistics have established that a lot more children have been dying in those regions where there are a large number of households possessing guns. This fact alone is sufficient to demolish the argument of the anti gun control groups that guns offer protection to those who own them and their family members.

But people who are not interested in a meaningful gun control debate are not moved by these appalling facts. They show no interest in understanding the gun control pros and cons and persist with their agenda of unrestricted gun ownership. The groups that are unmoved by gun crime statistics includes the National Rifles Association (NRA). The NRA calls itself an association of sports persons but in practice, functions like a lobby. The NRA is said to have forced several legislators to support its stand in the gun control issue by threatening them that they will be defeated in the primaries if they do not fall in line with the stand of the NRA.

The fact that some legislators have chosen to ignore gun crime statistics and have been doing everything in their power to work against gun control is revealed by their actions. For example, the pro NRA legislators have been creating new rules with a view to preventing the CDC from studying gun violence. The fact that they have been adopting a similar ploy to stymie the efforts of another independent organization,the National Institute of Health, reveals a pattern in their approach and raises questions about their motives. Gun crime statistics will have no impact on such people blinded by a single point agenda of uncontrolled gun ownership irrespective of its consequences.

Gun Crime Statistics Present A Grim Picture

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Gun control facts

Gun crime statistics are a reliable indicator of the perils of unrestricted gun ownership. People who oppose any kind of law that will restrict owning and using guns cannot close their eyes to the scenario revealed by gun death statistics. Let us take a look at a few gun control facts to understand the gun control debate in a proper perspective.

1) We will start with the gun ownership data which has a direct bearing on gun crime statistics. Do you know how many guns are there in the United States? The absolute number of guns may not indicate anything. But consider the fact that there are 89 guns for 100 Americans. This means that there is almost one gun every American citizen including new born babies! This fact will help us understand why gun crime statistics show such a pathetic picture.

2) The second item of gun crime statistics that I am going to share will make the situation even more horrifying. Gun control opponents have been arguing that owning guns will make their homes safer. But gun crime statistics tell a different story. In those regions that have a high rate of gun ownership, the number of children becoming victims of gun violence is also high.

3) By way of corroborating the above facts, another item of gun crime statistics says that if there is a gun in a house, there is a high risk of women and children living in the house getting killed by guns.

4) The other side of children becoming victims of gun crime is also presented by gun crime statistics. A study has come out with a shocking finding that about 39 percent of children of gun owning parents know where their parents keep the guns. This points to the danger of guns falling into the hands of children, leading to the inappropriate use of guns by the children.

5) The consequences of the possibilities discussed above are revealed by gun crime statistics that when gun death is expressed as a ratio of the population of a country, the United States ranks below South Africa.

Can We Dump Gun Death Statistics?

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Gun control essay

There are only two ways of dealing with gun death statistics. Either we should understand the message delivered by them and take appropriate action or we should just dump them. Though you may find the idea of dumping gun death statistics to be repulsive, some people may like this idea! Let us examine the response of some people to gun crime statistics.

1) We have the National Rifles Association, popularly known as the NRA, which has been opposing gun control stiffly and has even said that it will not compromise on its stance. So, what impact can gun control facts have on the NRA and its supporters?

2) We can understand the opposition of the NRA to gun control but if it wants its views to be heard, it should join the gun control debate and explain its position with respect to gun death statistics. But, instead of following this sensible course, the NRA has been threatening some legislators that they will face certain defeat in the primaries if they do not endorse the stand of the NRA on the issue of gun control.

3) Apparently yielding to the threat given out by the NRA, some legislators make it difficult for people and organizations even to compile gun death statistics. I can cite two instances. The pro NRA legislators have created some rules that would make it difficult for the CDC to study gun violence. These legislators have been adopting similar tactics for preventing the National Institute of Health from studying gun violence.

Notwithstanding such unreasonable methods followed by the anti gun control groups, gun control pros and cons have been brought to light by gun control articles that frequently appear in the print media. Thus gun death statistics are available in the public domain and the people are becoming increasingly aware of these figures. People will be able to judge the issue of gun control based on gun death statistics and not on rhetorical statements like claiming gun ownership as a right. When gun death statistics reveal that in countries that have implemented strict gun control laws, not only murders have come down but suicides have decreased as well, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about what the right course should be.

Gun Control Articles Put Gun Control Issue In Perspective

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Gun control article

Gun control articles are doing a good job. They have succeeded in putting the issue of gun control in perspective. The need for this has arisen because the anti gun control lobby has been working overtime to thwart all efforts to make gun control laws stronger. People who are opposed to gun control do not seem to take notice of the gun control facts that show the severity of the problem of gun crime. These people are not perturbed by gun crime statistics depicting the extent of gun violence caused by uncontrolled gun ownership, but keep registering their opposition to gun control laws in general.

If we go through the gun death statistics that are recorded in gun control articles, we can see that a large number of people are becoming victims of gun death. When figures for the number of gun deaths as a ratio of the population are compiled for different countries and compared, the United States occupies a position at a much lower level than does South Africa. This is one of the facts highlighted by gun control articles.

Notwithstanding the fact that gun control articles have listed the gun control pros and cons, thereby making it easy for the people to analyze these details and evaluate them for themselves, some legislators are busy making rules that will effectively block independent organizations like the National Institute of Health from studying gun violence. These legislators are obviously toeing the line of the National Rifles Association (NRA), which has been opposing gun control measures strongly.

If we compare the picture presented by gun control articles on the one hand and the activities of the anti gun control lobby on the other, we cannot but question the status of the NRA. Though the NRA calls itself an association of sports persons, it has been functioning more like a paid lobby. The NRA does not even qualify to be a political organization because it does not offer credible arguments in support of its stand the way gun control articles do. The NRA can only be called a lobbyist body.

Let Us Join The Gun Control Debate

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The gun control debate is not new. It has been there for the past four decades and more. Yet the gun control debate is being carried on everyday in the newspapers and the electronic media as if it is something new! Gun control pros and cons are repeatedly presented making the audience lose interest in the gun control debate itself.

I suggest that we all join the gun control debate. Though the debate has been going on, there is an imperative need to strengthen the case for gun control. I would suggest that people who are in favor of strong gun control legislation should participate in the debate and strengthen the cause of gun control. Some of the gun crime statistics that should be presented in the gun control debate are as below.

The ratio of guns to population of a country is the highest for the US with a figure of 89 guns for 1000 people. This is undoubtedly a high figure. The effect of this abnormal gun ownership is reflected in the gun death statistics showing that over 60 percent of the homicides occurring in the US involve the use of guns. The message is clear. When you allow people to own guns indiscriminately, the chances of guns being used in crimes will be high.

People who are opposed to any kind of control on the use of guns take shelter under the second amendment. what they ignore is the fact that a major part of this amendment constituting about 99 percent was the creation of people who had no college education. While this fact will cause no reflection on their competence, it shows that amending the law is not something sacrilegious.

The National Rifles Association (NRA) which spearheads the opposition to meaning gun control measures is not interested in a healthy gun control debate. Since it follows a policy of not compromising on its obstinate opposition to gun control, it resorts to untenable arguments to support its position. It says that in a democracy, there should be no gun control guns. Democracy does not mean the absence of controls. In fact, democracy has to fight tyranny of any kind. Gun control measures are one way of fighting lawlessness. Looked from this perspective, the points raised by the NRA have no place in a gun control debate.

Real Issues Governing Gun Control

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Though the issue of gun control has been in the debating arena for the past few decades, the real issues governing this are sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes the issues are even intentionally sought to be confused. In my opinion, the question of making gun control more effective has to be studied only by taking into account gun control facts.

What are gun control facts? They include gun crime statistics which portray the relationship between gun ownership and gun death. For example, take this data from the gun death statistics figures presented in gun control articles. According to one such gun control article, thirty thousand people in America are killed by guns every year. This is an example of a real issue governing gun control laws. This fact makes a mockery of the argument advanced by the pro gun lobby that if people have guns they will be able to defend themselves better.

Another information damaging to the cause of unrestrained gun ownership is that the number of women and children becoming victims of gun violence is higher in places where the number of people who own guns is higher. This fact also contradicts the claim made in some quarters that owning guns will give more protection to the families of the gun owners. The result seems to be the opposite of the claim. Read this along with the fact that the rates of suicides are also high in areas where the ratios of gun owning people are high and you have a perfect picture. The more the number of guns, the more will be the incidence of death, either by way of murders or by way of suicides.

The response to these figures from the anti gun control people is disappointing. While some people use the 2nd amendment to claim the right to own guns ignoring the fact that about 99 percent of this amendment was written down by people with no advantage of a legal education, others like the National Rifles Association (NRA) choose to use coercive methods. The NRA is known to be threatening the legislators that it will work for defeating them in the primaries if they fail to oppose any gun control legislation

The Role Of Gun Control Articles In Enforcing Gun Control

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Gun death statistics

Gun control articles are written with a view to bring the issue of gun control into public focus. One who writes a gun control essay need not be an expert. Anyone can find an abundance of gun crime statistics at various places. You can find them in the current editions of periodicals as well as in the archives. You can also find them in various websites that are dedicated to presenting gun control facts.

In other words, gun control articles are not new. They only contain recycled information by way of gun death statistics and familiar arguments used in a gun control debate. So, you may wonder why gun control articles are written. What is the need to present the same information in new form again and again?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that despite hundreds of gun control articles having been written dwelling on gun control pros and cons, the gun control issue still remains unresolved. A gun control article may highlight the fact that every year there are close to 30,000 deaths in America attributed to guns. But there are some people who are unmoved by these gun control facts. There is a powerful lobby called the National Rifles Association (NRA) whose sole agenda is to scuttle any move towards making gun control laws stronger.

The NRA is known for its familiar argument that any change in the gun control laws will be in violation of the 2nd amendment which has sanctioned the possession of guns by Americans. Some gun control articles take the pain of answering this objection by clarifying that this law, barring about 1 percent , was the work of people with no legal background. The NRA, however, will not listen to reason. Otherwise it would have been convinced by the fact that countries that have made the gun control laws tighter have succeeded in containing crime. The specific case of Australia having registered a steep decline in gun violence by 60 percent after it enacted a strong anti gun law is also not considered worth taking note of by the anti gun control groups.

Let Gun Control Articles Flood The Media!

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Gun control debate

I welcome gun control articles. They make their own contribution to the cause of gun control. Obviously a gun control article may support or oppose making gun control stronger. But either way, they will be making a valuable contribution to the gun control debate. The only thing I will expect from good gun control articles is that they should state gun control facts truthfully.

There are a number of studies resulting in gun crime statistics. The picture revealed by these figures will not but disturb anyone who values human life. Gun control articles will be doing a great service to the cause of gun control if they present gun death statistics appropriately, even if the articles are written opposing legislation putting curbs on owning and using guns.

People should be aware of gun control pros and cons so that they can formulate their opinions objectively. Otherwise they may be carried away by sentimental arguments that depict owning guns as a right conferred on us by the 2nd amendment. We have organizations like the National Rifles Association (NRA) that describe themselves as an association of sports people obscuring the fact that they are highly paid lobbies campaigning against any restrictions on guns. We have several pro NRA legislators who scuttle the efforts of institutions like the National Institute of health even studying gun violence. Gun control articles can probe the question whether the NRA is a political organization or a body of lobbyists. By presenting gun death statistics objectively, gun control articles will serve as a forum to counter propaganda with truth.

Gun control articles should highlight facts relating to the issue of gun death. For example, they can enlighten the readers of the fact that guns are used not only for murders but also for suicides. The message that gun control laws can prevent our near and dear ones from resorting to suicide on some emotional moment by putting restrictions on the availability of guns to anyone and everyone can be effectively conveyed by well written gun control articles.

Gun control facts from leading researchers

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Another piece of statistics that may have an unsettling effect on you is that a larger
number of children have been victims of homicide in places where a larger number of
households have owned guns. If you have supported uncontrolled gun ownership with
the expectation that it would give protection to your family including children, you will
now realize the irony of the situation.

People who believe that possession of guns by a large number of people may not cause
any danger to the society on the ground that most of the people will have the guns only
for their self-protection may find that gun control facts revealing that guns cause 30,000
deaths per annum in the U.S. shatter their belief.

The problems caused by gun ownership go beyond posing a serious threat to human
lives. They extend into the sphere of Economics as well. Astonishing as the figure may
seem, the economic damages caused by guns are valued at $3.7 billion per year.

Gun control facts stated above are not exhaustive. But even this limited information has
the potential to change your mind on gun control.