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Gun crime statistics

The gun control debate has been going on for the past few decades with the issue still remaining unresolved. Can there be news issues for discussion in the gun control debate? I will suggest that the only two issues that need to be focused on in a gun control debate are gun control facts and the attitude of the two sides to the issue of gun control.

Let us start with gun control facts. Though gun control pros and cons are routinely included in a gun control debate, I feel that gun crime statistics have not been adequately discussed. The debate has been going on more on the academic aspects. If only gun death statistics had been given the seriousness they deserved, the gun control debate would long have been settled in favor of making the gun control laws tighter.

The gun control debate should study the comparative results for different countries. For example, gun death statistics reveal that the US is ranked worse than South Africa in the ratio of the number of gun deaths to 100,000 people. Results obtained in countries that have implemented stricter gun control laws should also be discussed. Statistics show that gun control laws have brought down not only murders but also suicides, in these countries. This is an interesting fact since while talking about gun crime, we think only about murders. The fact that gun is a very convenient weapon for people seeking to kill themselves should weigh heavily in favor of restricting gun ownership. Since it has been well established that many suicides take place on impulse, the danger of people using guns to end their lives in an emotional moment looms large. Gun control debate should send the message across that we have a duty to protect our near and dear from resorting to suicides using the guns we make so readily available to them.

When it comes to examining the attitude of people supporting either side, the gun control debate should being to light the recalcitrant attitude of the pro gun lobby symbolized by the assertion of the NRA (National Rifles Association) that it will not compromise on its opposition to gun control laws. The gun control debate should also highlight the actions of the pro NRA legislators in creating new rules with a view to blocking independent organizations like the CDC and the National Institute of Health from even studying gun violence.

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