Real Issues Governing Gun Control

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Though the issue of gun control has been in the debating arena for the past few decades, the real issues governing this are sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes the issues are even intentionally sought to be confused. In my opinion, the question of making gun control more effective has to be studied only by taking into account gun control facts.

What are gun control facts? They include gun crime statistics which portray the relationship between gun ownership and gun death. For example, take this data from the gun death statistics figures presented in gun control articles. According to one such gun control article, thirty thousand people in America are killed by guns every year. This is an example of a real issue governing gun control laws. This fact makes a mockery of the argument advanced by the pro gun lobby that if people have guns they will be able to defend themselves better.

Another information damaging to the cause of unrestrained gun ownership is that the number of women and children becoming victims of gun violence is higher in places where the number of people who own guns is higher. This fact also contradicts the claim made in some quarters that owning guns will give more protection to the families of the gun owners. The result seems to be the opposite of the claim. Read this along with the fact that the rates of suicides are also high in areas where the ratios of gun owning people are high and you have a perfect picture. The more the number of guns, the more will be the incidence of death, either by way of murders or by way of suicides.

The response to these figures from the anti gun control people is disappointing. While some people use the 2nd amendment to claim the right to own guns ignoring the fact that about 99 percent of this amendment was written down by people with no advantage of a legal education, others like the National Rifles Association (NRA) choose to use coercive methods. The NRA is known to be threatening the legislators that it will work for defeating them in the primaries if they fail to oppose any gun control legislation

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