The Role Of Gun Control Articles In Enforcing Gun Control

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Gun death statistics

Gun control articles are written with a view to bring the issue of gun control into public focus. One who writes a gun control essay need not be an expert. Anyone can find an abundance of gun crime statistics at various places. You can find them in the current editions of periodicals as well as in the archives. You can also find them in various websites that are dedicated to presenting gun control facts.

In other words, gun control articles are not new. They only contain recycled information by way of gun death statistics and familiar arguments used in a gun control debate. So, you may wonder why gun control articles are written. What is the need to present the same information in new form again and again?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that despite hundreds of gun control articles having been written dwelling on gun control pros and cons, the gun control issue still remains unresolved. A gun control article may highlight the fact that every year there are close to 30,000 deaths in America attributed to guns. But there are some people who are unmoved by these gun control facts. There is a powerful lobby called the National Rifles Association (NRA) whose sole agenda is to scuttle any move towards making gun control laws stronger.

The NRA is known for its familiar argument that any change in the gun control laws will be in violation of the 2nd amendment which has sanctioned the possession of guns by Americans. Some gun control articles take the pain of answering this objection by clarifying that this law, barring about 1 percent , was the work of people with no legal background. The NRA, however, will not listen to reason. Otherwise it would have been convinced by the fact that countries that have made the gun control laws tighter have succeeded in containing crime. The specific case of Australia having registered a steep decline in gun violence by 60 percent after it enacted a strong anti gun law is also not considered worth taking note of by the anti gun control groups.

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